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Mission and Vision

Real farm experiences with data-driven solutions

SpaceCrop advocates for innovation and believes that new technologies on precision farming can help farmers adapt to changing climates and extreme weather conditions. Our mission is to bring solutions to every farm that have a lot of needs in managing resources and enhancing crop productivity despite risks in agriculture. We work with farmers by understanding their experiences in the field and combining them with data to provide more insightful recommendations. 

Building smart-irrigated farms through space

Our vision is to build smart-irrigated farms by predicting current and future soil moisture needs in the farm. Using satellite data and artificial intelligence, we can predict continuously how much water is available in the soil and its effects on crop growth. We are helping farms understand better with data on how to  regulate their water and energy consumption during production seasons and manage their finances and other farm resources more efficiently. By doing so, it gives farmers more time for commercial and other activities. 


Mary Grace Gasco

Founder and CEO

Masters in Agribusiness Management 

Int’l School of Agri Management 


Linnaeus Bundalian

Software Engineer

PhD student

University of Leipzig


Stefanos Papaiordanidis

Geospatial Data Scientist

PhD student

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Omar Daraghmeh



Sustainable Soil Management and Environmental Quality

University of Copenhagen


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